Day at the Beach

So yesterday I decided to ditch my to-do list and call up my mom and inform her that I was going to the beach and stealing her children and taking them with me. 🙂 Well, we all ended up going (execpt my sister Haylie who was going to a friends house) – and we had a blast! It was about 90 degrees out and the water in Lake Michigan was 75 degrees – there was way too many people there, but we braved the crowds and cooled off in the great lake (no pun intended 🙂 ). Here’s some pics my mom took…








In other news… I have another job interview! I’m not sure when it will be, but i’m excited/nervous because this is the job I really want. We will see though…

In some more other news… my family’s Etsy site is up and running now. If you have never heard of Etsy, it is pretty much the sweetest site ever. It is an online community/store where people can buy and sell handmade goods. My family is crafty and so they decided to open an Etsy store and use some of the funds raised to go towards the adoption. You can check it out here: www. — enjoy!


2 Responses

  1. So while the men were working in the 90 plus degree sun you were all out playing hmmmmmmm seems a little wrong!!!

  2. i enjoy the new page. and good job posting!

    and thanks for mentioning lance on the prayer page. need all the prayer we can get 🙂

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