“We Didn’t Start the Fire…”

So this morning I was just minding my own business and all of a sudden I hear a loud popping noise coming from down the alley where Dave and I are staying… needless to say I was perplexed. It was 8am, a strange hour for shooting (something you hear quite frequently at night in this part of the city) and it was far to loud to be someone walking and it was going on too long to be a car driving over branches or something…. So I open up the dining room window, pop my head out and look down the alley – only to be greeted by the sight of 100+ foot flames engulfing the garage two houses down! I quickly ran outside – I could hear voices, but I couldn’t see anyone. Finally, a man standing the next street down yelled to me “check and see if there is anyone inside!” – I yelled back “did you call the fire dept.?!” – He said “yeah, they are on their way – go up to the door and make sure no one is inside!”….. I was thinking “yeah right… like i am walking into the mass of flames!” then I realized he wanted me to go around to the front of the house and check… so i quickly ran between the houses (noticing that the house had only just caught on fire a little bit) and found a large group of people on the other side (mind you, i’m still in my P.J.’s and I haven’t taken a shower yet – bleh!) – there was no one in the house, I don’t think the owners were even home.

So I run back between the houses to the alley again. Run in the house and call my mom, go outside, run back inside and upstairs to get my camera, and the back outside – by then, the fire dept. was there and quickly had the fire out. The house suffered minimal damage, but the garage burned to the ground. The whole thing was started by a downed power line.

Here ya go… see for yourself…

we didn't start the fire 001

You can kinda see the flames from this picture I took from the balcony – I didn’t get my camera until after they had already started putting it out..

we didn't start the fire 020

Hooray firemen!!

we didn't start the fire 003

we didn't start the fire 005

we didn't start the fire 007

This guy got in trouble because he was getting too close!

we didn't start the fire 008

we didn't start the fire 010

Not sure what this guy was thinking.. just taking a stroll down the alley… note the downed power line he almost steps on.

we didn't start the fire 011

we didn't start the fire 015

Good job fellas!

Okay – that’s it!


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