Hey there, its been a while but I promise I’m not giving up on this blog! πŸ™‚ Just thought I’d give whoever out there that might be reading this a little update on what’s been going on in our neck of the woods….

The last few weekends Dave and I have spent trying to get a little quality time in with my extended family members before we head off to Bloomington. The extended 4th of July weekend was spend in the U.P. hanging out with my mom’s side of the family. We ate, hung out, made some more food and then ate some more!
july 4 - up north 017
july 4 - up north 050
july 4 - up north 045
july 4 - up north 068july 4 - up north 087
july 4 - up north 090IMG_9367
july 4 - up north 095


july 4 - up north 109

The following weekend Dave and I headed up to Ludington to see my Grandma and Grandpa Pastoor. We went for a boat ride down to Pentwater (on which Dave sunburned his legs like crazy!), hung out on the back porch with the beautiful bay-side view, and went out to eat at the famous House of Flavors restaurant. It was a great time – however, unfortunately we were so busy having a great time that we didn’t take any pictures! 😦

This past week the owners of the house we’ve been staying at came back – so we’ve had fun spending time with them. Yesterday they came with me and my family and we went and picked a whole bunch of blueberries (yum! I’m making something yummy tonight!). I’ve also had a fun time hanging out with their 2 year old daughter Kirra. πŸ™‚

In other news, Dave and I are in a full pursuit of finding a place to live when we move to Bloomington. After gathering a list of potentials, I called them all, only to find out that half of them don’t have any availability left. 😦 Sad. So, I’m looking for some more. But we do plan to travel down to good ol’ Bloomington next weekend in order to look at some places and *hopefully* find somewhere to call home for at least the next year. Dave’s cousin is getting married near Bloomington the 8th of August, so we are thinking about possibly moving some of our stuff down then, so having a place to put it would be great! Dave’s last day of work is August 14th, so the big move day will most likely be the 15th. Crazy that it is coming up on us so quickly!

As for the job front, I still haven’t found one, and I haven’t had anymore interviews either. A lady from a place where I really liked the job e-mailed me and said she wanted to interview me for it and then she fell off the face of the earth and I haven’t heard from her (even after e-mailing and calling her) in almost 3 weeks. I’m about ready to give up on that one. So far my biggest prospective is still the part-time job at the YMCA as a preschool teacher. It is a job that I would really enjoy and there is the potential to pick up more hours around the Y. However, I haven’t heard from that lady in quite some time either. I did e-mail her yesterday to see if she has finished calling my references – so I am hoping that she responds to me sometime soon!

Well, I think that is about it in our life for the time being – until next time,
-Liz (and Dave too)

2 Responses

  1. Dear Lizzy,
    I was so excited to see that you had a picture of me on your blog. I love looking at the pictures and I made Hannah look at them 450863216.786 times. Come and visit me soon!


  2. Well I wish you would bring me a blueberry yummy. I miss you

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