The Apartment Saga


As some of you may know already, this past weekend Dave and I ventured down to Bloomington to search for a place to call home. As some of you may also know, it wasn’t a walk in paradise. The few weeks prior, I had gathered a list of potential apartment complexes and rental houses and set up appointments to meet each of them. We left Thursday night after Dave was done with work… but didn’t arrive at his Grandma’s until 1am (we stayed at his Grandma’s all weekend, she lives about an hour away from Bloomington). I had an interview/meeting at 10am the next morning, so we were up at 8am to get there in time (we were still late!). That day we had two appointments – the first was okay (with the highlight being the manager person telling us all the other places we were going to visit weren’t worth our time) and the second ended up being a dump (scary!). At this point, we were still optimistic for the next day, which was packed full of viewings. However, our first appointment never showed up (which was FIVE different complexes), the second place was decent, the next few were okay but they looked GROSS because the place showed us them when the previous tenents were still staying there and they trashed the place, and then our last one also didn’t show up, but we called and they came 45 minutes later! At that point we were discouraged because we didn’t really like anything and didn’t know what to do, and we were tired and so we halfheartedly went on that viewing. Then, Dave’s dad told us about a place that he lived about 30 years ago when he was at IU. We found it – and loved it. It was about 20 minutes outside of Bloomington – surrounded by forests with the State park practically right across the street. We called and ended up having to leave a message… only to find out later that all the affordable apartments were leased until May of ’10 and the available ones were $800 a month. We were crushed and defeated.

Our goal was to make a desicion by Monday, but we had no idea which place was the right place. None of them stood out as good… all of them (execpt one that we didn’t really like) were more than we wanted to pay for what they offered. That night we headed over to hang out with Dave’s cousin and tried to forget our plight for the time being. That was the highlight of the weekend for sure, Saturday night and Sunday hanging out with Dave’s cousins, aunts and uncles, and Grandma. Dave’s Grandma lives on a beautiful piece of property, so we enjoyed the beautiful day, and of course some of Grandma’s homemade rubarb pie and butter peacan ice cream. I think that is one of the main things we did last weekend, EAT. I felt like Guy Fieri – since we visisted two hole in the wall restaurants, a delicious pizza place and a buffet with some yummy comfort foods.

Well, Sunday came and went and it was time to say goodbye to the family. After much discussing and unrest and being unsure, Dave and I finally decided that we would just go with the liveable first apartment that we viewed. We weren’t really that happy about it, especially since the specific apartment that we wanted was gone, but we had to make  a choice. We were both drained and just wanted to be done with it. On the way driving there, we saw another complex with a “for lease” sign and Dave was like, “wanna check it out?” – Even though we had decided to not check out anymore (because there was so many – you could spent weeks looking at them all) – we did anyway because I think we both were dreading signing for the one apt. Well, we called the place for that other apartment and they couldn’t show us the available apartment because they were doing work on it. Even though we didn’t really need to, we headed over to their off site office to check out the floor plan. Now, their office happened to be in a complex that we had driven past on Saturday and thought about stopping in to, but were just too burnt out at that point. Long story short, we asked the lady to show us an apartment at that complex (even though it was a little out of our price range)… as soon as we walked into it.. I was in love. It was huge, had a balcony with storage, a giant bedroom with a giant closet, and best of all a spiral staircase leading up to a huge loft area. The apartment was clean, new looking, and had soft carpet. We loved it. However, the only problem was that a little out of our price range thing…. in the end, we decided that it was worth paying a little more to live in a place we could call home.

I didn’t take any pictures of it sadly, only the outside. 😦 But we will be taking a trip down the weekend of August 8th (for Dave’s cousins wedding) to bring some stuff – and i’ll put up pictures then. We will be officially moving the 15th of August – less than three weeks!!

Well, thankfully that is over and we are happy with it.

In other news – this morning I got an e-mail from the YMCA that said that I HAVE A JOB! Its part-time.. I have no idea how many hours.. but it is a pre-school teaching position and I think i’ll love it. and its a JOB! I will know more details on Friday. 🙂

Okay – time to eat breakfast… I’ll post more at some other time. 🙂


Liz (and Dave)

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