Days 1-15

Okay, so all these pictures aren’t from the first 15 days of January (some of them are quite old actually).. but remember, I am not very good at remembering to get out my camera. So this is what I have….(some of the captions are messed up, but I couldn’t figure it out)…
In our empty apartment, ready to go to Dave’s cousin’s wedding.

Cora helping me make pizza crust for dinner when Dave’s family came to visit us.

A hat I made for a friend at work’s baby shower.Jr. High girls sleepover.
CHRISTMAS! Got to spend about 10 days with the fam in Michigan, plus got to meet my new sister Hana! 🙂

Christmas eve PJ’s – tickle mom!!

Dancing with Nathaniel in the kitchen.

Christmas morning!

Crocheting like the grannies we are.

Baking dessert with Chloe

Thanks mom and dad! 🙂

Family picture!

We went to an IU bball game New Years eve day (no, that’s not my picture).

Bread I made for dinner the other day.

A picture my mom sent me yesterday of Chloe modeling the leg warmers I made her on her first day back to dance.

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