Day 34.

Ahhhh the life of a grad student. Dave’s first test of the semester is tomorrow, kicking off a month of nothing but tests tests tests…

I guess I better pick back up some of my hobbies. I’m going to have to be finding ways to entertain myself…  🙂

In other news, my bright student here got a job today. He was offered a position as the Optics Assistant Instructor (AI) for the next two years. It will start next Fall and be about ten hours a week. Grading a few tests and leading a few discussions will get him paid double the amount I do for chasing crazed three year olds around all day.. but, hey, I’m not jealous or anything. 😉

Finding out about this job was good timing to, as we found out yesterday that Dave did not get the Army scholarship he applied for. 😦 He is on a waiting list, but we aren’t holding our breath or anything. Although that was disappointing, we are keeping our heads held high as we believe this is part of God’s plan for us.

Anyways, I’m off to watch Psych! Woo!


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