Day 38.

In an effort to be more healthy and encoporate more of the super healthy dark leafy greens into our diet, a while back Dave and I started regularly drinking green smoothies. Which are, essentially, regular fruit smoothies with the addition of some dark leafy green – usually spinach or kale.

Here’s our breakdown…

We’ve got orange juice, kale, my home made yogurt, frozen strawberries, frozen pineapple/peaches/mango, ground flax seed (fiber and omega 3’s – good for Dave’s high cholesterol!), and frozen bananas (very important for covering up the green stuff and adding sweetness). This combo changes depending on what fruit is on sale.

First I put in the Kale and the juice… blend until the green stuff is obliterated.

Then, I add in the rest of the stuff and try and get my lazy blender to grind it up. Someday… maybe oh maybe… I’ll get one of these babies.

In real life, this was a little more pinkish (from the strawberries)… if you make this, don’t let the color freak you out. I actually like it when they turn out bright green. 🙂 But, if you add blueberries (very purple), you will never know there is a green substance in it!

Pour in two giant cups if you care to share… or, if you want (and perhaps you husband is gone for the evening).. you could drink the entire blender full yourself… just saying…

Mmmmm.. Yummy!

Husband approved!! 🙂

I promise you can’t taste the “green stuff” – especially if you use spinach.

Delicious and nutritious!! 🙂


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