Day 42.

My husband is amazing.


He is.

(Picture attempt #1 – pained look on face due to an out of shape grad student playing basketball for a couple hours tonight)

I have been having some asthma flare-ups lately and this morning I woke up with a decently bad attack. Wheezing and coughing real bad. The really bad part was that my inhaler didn’t completely make it go away – that’s never fun and can actually be a little scary. We had been thinking maybe our bedroom was the culprit, as our mattress is on the floor and maybe was dusty or something.

So, my great husband offered to move some stuff around and vacuum. 🙂

Well, I got a call this afternoon telling me that if I got home first, to not.. under any circumstances.. go in the bedroom. He got me a surprise and it was in there.

Hmmm… I like surprises…

When he got home.. the surprise was revealed… he put our bed on the bed frame!! 🙂 We hadn’t done it yet, since we don’t have a box spring, but we were just going to use ply-board to hold it on the metal bed frame, but we didn’t have a way to get a large piece of wood home from the hardware store. Big surprise, Dave’s friend (miraculously) got a truck today so they were able to go get it!

It is so nice to have a (real) bed now and hopefully it will help with the asthma issues!

Oh, and he also brought me an early “valentines” present of three DVD’s from a video store going out of business. Two of them were two of my favorites -Oceans 12 and 13! 🙂 Now my Ocean’s set is complete!

(Picture #2 a little better… but you can still see the “my-body-hurts-so-bad-i-can’t-move-one-little-bit” face underneath the fake happy face).

Love him!


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