Day 44.

This past week was the birthday of one of the teachers I work with at the Y.  Not really having any money to spend on a gift, but wanting to give something, I came up with this fun idea.

I have an aloe vera plant that I absolutely love (we’ll just forget about the part where I forgot to water it for months on end), especially since it really helps sooth my dry, cracked hands. I noticed that my wonderful little plant was sprouting a baby plant, so I decided to start a new plant for my teacher friend.. who also suffers from the same (every-day-swimming-with-the-preschoolers-induced) dry hands problem.

Here’s the proud momma plant (Okay, so she’s not so beautiful.. but that’s what happens when you forget to water for so long! She’s now safe in my kitchen where I won’t forget her.).

So, I painted a pot I had laying around in a cheery pink color. A kitchen makes a great craft studio. 🙂

Fill with a couple stones, some potting soil, a carefully place the little baby aloe plant inside.

Awww… isn’t she cute??? 🙂

Fun to make, give, and get!


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