Day 46.

Not me.

I would NEVER put my mesh frying cover things in the drawer under the oven when reorganizing my kitchen. And I would certainly never ever think to myself, “good job self, that is a handy place to put those.” Of course I knew that was the broiler, and not a drawer, and I totally saw the sign hiding under the, duh, broiler pans.

I did NOT forget that those darn things had plastic handles and I definitely did not suffer through several uses of my oven with a nasty burnt smell in the air, thinking that it was just that something had dropped to the bottom of the oven. I did not come home one day to an astonished husband and these in the sink, handles completely melted off…

And these… in the snow… covered in melted plastic.

I would NEVER do something crazy like that!

I would also never in a million years search high and low in my refrigerator for my (large) jar of garlic. And I would definitely not  spend over 30 minutes moving every single thing to see if it was hiding behind something. And, of course, I would NEVER call my mother to complain that my almost full jar of garlic was no where to be found. I would not do something silly like looking in my cupboards and under the sink for a jar of garlic that belongs in the fridge. And I would NEVER EVER blame my husband for the missing garlic.

And I would never slump into a heap of despair in front of my open fridge, ready to take out every single item as a last ditch effort.

No, I would never do that. Not me. Of course I knew that the garlic was sitting in plain view on the top shelf right in front of my face.

Not me. I’m much smarter than that.


This post is linked to “Not me Monday”


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  1. Oh my how much do I miss and love you!! Thanks for the laugh Love ya!!

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