Days 49, 50, 51.


Its been a few days.

My excuse is that I’ve been feeling a little out of it. No particular diagnoses, just plain ol’ “not feeling well.” I’m hoping to feel better tomorrow before I have to go swim around like a maniac at my life guarding in-service meeting.

Anyway… pictures for the last three days.

The beginnings of the “unstuffed pepper skillet” I made for dinner the other day. I just love the bright colors, so I thought this picture looked cool.

Yesterday I opened my computer and the hinge just decided to randomly shatter. In the middle of Dave taking my computer apart (scary) I found out that I still have it under warranty – someone is coming to fix it in a few days! Yay! 🙂 Oh, please ignore the fact that my computer has nasty stuff all over it… I always have it in the kitchen with me, so it is a casualty of my cooking.

Dinner tonight was a modified version of a recipe I found at MckMama‘s blog. Pie crust pockets filled with pizza toppings (sauce, cheese, and sausage for Dave). Brushed with Olive Oil and baked. They were really yummy. Maybe a little more work than I wanted… but yummy nonetheless!

Okay, I’m exausted, need to finish planning/preparing for youth group tomorrow, and I have a book calling my name.

Night all!


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  1. That happened to my computer last week!!! ha, glad you’re getting it fixed. 🙂 Love you.

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