Day 59, 60.

Okay so I had actually had pictures for yesterday… but forgot to post them. So.. here they are.

Since the beginning of last semester, Dave and I have been leading the Sunday morning jr. high group at our church. Its a fun time. We’ve been going through the main stories of the Old Testament…

This picture is kind of weird and hard to see, but it is our wall of images and art from all the stories we’ve covered.

Here’s a closer view… up top we have our creation collage and our fall collage (I made the creation collage and then we took the collage the kids made and smeared black paint all over it to represent sin touching all of creation). Below we have student representations of each part of the Samson story.

Here’s another sweet one – a map of the story of Joseph.

Here they are, working hard at pictures for the story we covered yesterday – Ruth. They painted something hard that happened in their lives – just like hard times befell on Ruth and Naomi. Woo!

and, of course, a picture for today. I love my slow cooker and don’t use it nearly enough. This is dinner for tomorrow, Minestrone Soup, ready to eat (along with some reheated homemade bread) as soon as I get home from work! Happy day.


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