Day 61.

Tonight was our first night at our new bible study/small group. Our one from last semester died out to just us and another couple (due to various reasons), so we merged with another group that was getting low on participants. I think it is going to be a good group. Two of the other couples have kids – so that’s always a winner in my book. 🙂

This is a picture that I absolutely love. It was taken at the potluck we had a while back so that we could all meet each other. This little guy is such a cutie. 🙂

We are studying the book of Ephesians, which is one of my all-time favorites. So i’m pretty excited about that. Sadly we had to leave a little early tonight, since Dave had to run off and study again for another big test he has tomorrow morning.

Anyways, we are excited about getting to know our new friends and looking forward to what we learn as we study the book of Ephesians.


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  1. Ummmm……falling behind a bit, are we????

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