Days 62-73.

Well, because of my little hiatus here I just have a collection of random pictures for you.

I may not have been perfect with this one picture a day dealio – but it doesn’t really bother me too much. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into the swing of things though…. since I know all my adoring fans are just waiting in eager anticipation for what is going on in our oh-so-exciting life.

Anyway.. pictures…

This is the butternut squash that someone gave me last fall that I am just now getting around to using. Well, sort of. The squash mush is currently in the freezer, waiting to be turned into a pie. I didn’t end up doing it that weekend because it was Dave’s birthday weekend and his birthday present was to take a break from studying and make cheesecakes on Saturday (four cheesecakes=no need for pie).

Dave loves cooking too, but doesn’t do it very often these days because of school. Gourmet cheesecake is one of his favorite things to make – and, well, its pretty darn fun to eat too.

Not sure why I look so strange in this picture…


With all the cheesecake making festivities – we opted for a less nutritious, quicker lunch of frozen pizza.

And here is the finished product… doesn’t that look heavenly? Two different recipes (one of Dave’s own creation) made 4 cheesecakes – 2 Cappuccino and 2 Raspberry Truffle. Don’t worry – we brought one to Dave’s friend, and Dave brought 2 to his class for a birthday snack (yes, they still have snacks in their grad school lab! 🙂 ), we shared a few pieces with some of our friends and Dave’s parents too. Half the fun of making yummy things is getting to see other people enjoy them!! Plus, it was probably all the better for our waistlines! 🙂

And just one more picture of the Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake – because it is so beautiful.

Dave’s actual birthday was on Sunday (the 7th), but was fairly uneventful. It was a girl in our youth group’s birthday that day too, so (at her request) we had ice cream cake and pop Sunday morning at youth group (yes, at 10:30 in the morning – what was I thinking!?!?). Then, we came home and ate lunch and Dave went to school to study for yet another big test. Not the most fun way to spend your birthday, but we just counted Saturday’s cheesecake making as the “birthday day.”

Oh, and if you were wondering how old Dave is… shhhh… he’s turned the big 2-5. Quarter of a century! 🙂

Okay.. I’ll be back soon with spring break updates and funness. But, adios for now!


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