Days 75-77.

**The Chloe’s Closet website is currently down for maintenance right now, but should be up and running sometime tomorrow!** EDIT 3/20 – Website is back up!!! 🙂



As a fundraiser initiative for our upcoming adoption from Ethiopia, my family is selling our very own handmade clothing and accessories. This past week, I had the opportunity to be a part of helping to get Chloe’s Closet (named after my fashionita little sister) up and running. And I must say, once you see this stuff you will agree – it is ADORABLE!!

Here’s just a peek…

NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Go to to see all the great things we’ve made, to see pricing, and to help us fund the adoption! Not only will you be lovin’ on your sweet little girl, you’ll be helping another sweet little girl come home to her forever family. What could be better!?!


PS here is the 411 on my family and their adoption…

“We are a large, loving family of ten on a journey to bring the eleventh member of our family home. Our journey started in November 2008 when we decided to jump on the rollercoaster and begin the process of adopting from Ethiopia, Africa.

April 2009 marked the end of the paperwork process and the beginning of waiting to see our beautiful baby girl’s face. While waiting for our referral, in December 2009, just in time for Christmas, we added twelve year old Hana, originally from Ethiopia, to our family.

Currently, we are very close to finally getting our referral and are growing in the excitement and anticipation of having our sweet baby girl here with us. While we wait, we started Chloe’s Closet, inspired by our fashionista four year old, to raise money to fund our adoption. 100% of the proceeds from Chloe’s Closet go to bring our little girl home.”

To stay updated on our adoption journey, go to:

Back row: Hannah, Todd (Dad), Liz and her husband Dave.
Middle row: Wendy (Mom), Brenda (our sister-in-love), Hana, Nathaniel, Haylie.
Front row: Chloe and Jacob.

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