Should I give up this picture a day business?

I can’t decide.

I wouldn’t give up the blog.



3 Responses

  1. Considering it isn’t really a picture a day anyway, I’d say yes. Less pressure, but you still better keep me up to date or I might have to come down there…


  2. Hmmmm……I like “picture a day”….was kinda thinking of doing it myself but me and pressure, we aren’t bff”s so I’m not sure what to do… You could do “a picture whenever I feel like it”……doesn’t quite have the same ring to it but at least people would get the gist =)

    As for Breana………that’s an easy one. If you don’t keep her up to date… will get to see her!!! How fun would that be??!!! =)

  3. I need pictures!!!! Maybe you can do a watch the garden grow group next fall start to end a picture evry week?

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