Days 88-102.

Okay, so I’m not giving up quite yet. But, you are going to have to bear with me because stuff like my camera battery dying happens and then I go MIA for 2 weeks. Its not my fault, I just have more pressing things to do than recharge my camera batteries. Okay, okay – I might be lazy too, but oh well.

So, I thought I was going to have a great collection of pictures for you, being gone so long and all. This is what I envisioned in my mind – however, in reality my camera battery died long before I had the chance to take all those great pictures I was envisioning. Whoops. So, instead of trying to update you on all the oh-so-fascinating details of what’s been going on for the last two weeks – I’ll just pick up where we are now. I’m pretty sure I’ll get around to sharing anything that may be important eventually. 🙂

All that to say, I did have a few pictures on the trusty old camera… pictures of a very monumental occasion – yes folks, don’t fall over from shock – I did indeed take down our Christmas tree…just in time for Easter.

There it is, the little punk of a tree. It just sat all innocent-like under our stairs for 3 months after Christmas – THREE MONTHS! My bad.

Did you know that your ornaments get kinda dusty when you let them sit out for 3 1/2 months?

Everything in its proper-for-the-month-of-April place. 🙂

Naked tree ready to be shoved into it’s box.

Ah.. much better. Bye, bye tree – see you in December (as long as you promise to go away by January this time).

I’ll be back with more wonderful goodness from the life of Dave and Liz tomorrow – see you then!!!


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