As you can tell, I’ve pretty much dropped off the face of the earth again.

This time I promise it isn’t my fault! My computer crashed. I know. Sad day.

My life is on that thing.

I guess that’s what I get for “having my life” on a piece of metal and plastic.

I should be getting it back soon – (probably) sans every bit of info i’ve tucked away on it.

Oh well, this is only the third time that computer has crashed on me… I should be used to it by now.


I’ll have picture-y goodness for anyone who cares in a few days.

Until then,

Liz (the virus attractor)

3 Responses

  1. Can you blame the virus’ for being attracted to you? Ouw-ouw! 😉

  2. I miss you!!!!

  3. […] Here’s some pictures I took during these past days of computer rebellion… […]

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