Sneak Peek #2

So, one of the things that has been taking up the most of our time lately is our garden. We are currently renting a plot at the community gardens across the street from the YMCA where I work. It is 10×20 feet, in which we can surprisingly grow a lot of stuff. We are using a modified version of Square Foot Gardening and it is turning out pretty good for us – granted, we are far from harvest time!

We are also growing a bunch of stuff on our balcony at the apartment: tomatoes, strawberries, hot peppers, flowers…

I hope to in the next post give a proper update on our garden for those who would like to see it. I like it.


PS the picture above is of the strawberry plant on our porch. It is doing quite well – but I wish we had space for about 30 more of them!


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