Anniversary Weekend – Saturday and Sunday


Working in the garden (pictures coming!)

Sahara Mart (obsession).

First time making Indian food.

Way too spicy!



Dinner with small group (pictures taken by another member of the group – wish I had those skills!).

Thai food.

Not spicy.


Baby and little kids.




4 Responses

  1. #1- These pictures are great in the “Hey, I’m a super artistic and talented photographer look at these pics I just took as we were hanging out this weekend you would have no idea that these weren’t from a photo-shoot” way.

    #2- GOOB!!! Soo cute. Love the pictures of him.

    • that’s probably because i forgot to mention that the last 5 pictures weren’t taken by me! they were taken by a guy in our small group who is a really good photographer. 🙂

  2. Calvin……..Calvin…….no Calvin …..NO CALVIN!!!!!! =)

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