Our day began with a great start… finishing going through all Dave’s papers, shredding a ton (seriously… we packed a trash bag full of paper shreds) and putting the rest in binders (school papers – rah rah!). Okay, okay, it wasn’t that bad. 😉 Dave did make me breakfast. 🙂

Anyways… we finished that “fun stuff” as soon as we could, so that we could go and do something that was actually fun. We were going to go to McCormick Creek State Park, but decided to save that until next weekend, seeing as it would probably be busy with it being memorial day and all. So, instead we decided to explore a place we recently learned of that is near where we live – Griffey Lake Nature Preserve….

This is the second hike Calvin’s been on and he LOVES it. This dog was born to be in the great outdoors!

The area of Griffey Lake we went to was a little more off the beaten path, the trail didn’t go to far until it veered away from the lake and became a bit unclear… so we didn’t go too far, we just turned around and meandered back, enjoying the pretty scenery.


This one you will have to click on to get a real good view… there were some people out on the lake kayaking and canoeing – something that we think would be fun to do some day.

Yeah, we’re just chillin’…

Ain’t he handsome?! He is getting so big already!

After a nice hike… we had one pooped pup. 🙂

All in all.. a fun day.

Here’s to one great year of marriage… and many many more to come!!



Anniversary Weekend – Saturday and Sunday


Working in the garden (pictures coming!)

Sahara Mart (obsession).

First time making Indian food.

Way too spicy!



Dinner with small group (pictures taken by another member of the group – wish I had those skills!).

Thai food.

Not spicy.


Baby and little kids.



Days 127-130.

Well, I didn’t post for a while because we were getting ready for and going to go get…….


Meet….Calvin. John Calvin to be exact.. but just Calvin for short.

We went to Dave’s parents this weekend to pick the little guy up.

Him and his brother and sister where quite adorable.

Here’s the proud papa, Trotter.

And here’s the mama – Cora’s dog Ellie.

Cora’s joining in the fun.

But, alas, the time came for him to leave his family for a new one. He cried a little on the way home, but all in all is pretty happy. We got in at about 1am this morning and Calvin woke Dave up at 6:30am and me at 7am – I guess he will be making early risers out of us.

Now I need to get ready and go to work (Dave has already left for his first day of work at IU’s business school – he’ll be moving furniture, etc all summer). Sad to leave the cutie… but thankfully I only have to work until 12:30pm.

Now I have something to take pictures of… 🙂