Rocky Mountains!

Hello there! It has been a little while. That would be because we’ve been quite busy lately. A few weekends ago was Dave’s sister’s wedding, so we spend the extended weekend away in Ohio. We came back for a few days and then it was off again.. this time to Colorado for 5 days to celebrate the wedding of one of Dave’s good friend’s from college. We stayed in Denver for a few days and then headed off to the mountains (Estes Park).

I think pictures show our trip the best.. so here you are (and if you think this is a lot of pictures, just keep in mind I picked out the best from over 500 pictures).

First are the flowers… I love pictures of flowers. We both do. We have been collecting pictures of flowers so we can use some of the good ones as decorations for the duplex we are moving to soon.

This place had the awesome-ist toasted almond ice cream… that was a good welcome to Denver. ­čÖé

Boys at the bachelor party. They went up to Boulder for some “top secret” and/or dangerous lakeside activities… ­čÖé

The┬áreservoir they went to for the bachelor party…

We went to the┬árehearsal… this is where the wedding was… can you say beautiful!

Between the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner we climbed a small mountain. We couldn’t figure out how to get to the very top, as it was all boulders, but we got pretty far…

Dave climbing…

This is how far we made it up this one….

That night was the rehearsal dinner. These are our good friends Anthony and Rachel. They were the first from Dave’s group of friends to get married… sadly we don’t get to see them often enough!

The guys got frisbees as part of their wedding party gifts… so some Ultimate was in order…


I took my feet a walkin’ and went exploring a little…

Of course the boys had to get in a power stance before the night was over…

Random cool picture I like…

Some of the boys at the wedding…

I realized later I have no pictures of the actual wedding.. ah well.


Sam and I.. waiting for the receiving line..

Group shot after breakfast Monday morning, before Anthony and Rachel left to go home.

The last thing we (Dave, Sam and I) did before we headed back to Denver to catch our plane home was go for a 1/2 day hike in the mountains. Sadly, we didn’t have enough time to make it to the very top of Flat Top Mountain… but we got pretty darn close. It was really awesome and we both hope to be able to visit the Rockies again some day!

My awesome little brothers are visiting us right now (yes I know.. that is 5 people and a dog in our tiny apartment, but ah well) for this past week and the next… so hopefully I’ll get some pictures of that up at some point. We are heading out tomorrow to go visit Dave’s grandma and go camping on her property for the weekend- we are all looking forward to it! ­čÖé

Adios for now!

-Liz (and Dave)


Day 73-74.

Well, we’ve been working hard here at getting things ready for my family’s new fundraising initiative for their adoption. Its late now, and I don’t have time to fully explain and update… but stay tuned for a post on that in the next few days. In the meantime, here’s a few pictures showing what we’ve been up to lately…

Some hard working kiddos right there. ­čśë

My Great-Grandma Edie peering over the mound of fabric to see outside where the sun was finally shining!

Jake sporting one of the flower headbands – don’t think he’s quite sure what to make of that!

Mom hard at work!

Chloe’s turn to model!

We even put Dave to work! ­čÖé

Hard at work.

It was Haylie’s birthday (and Jakes later in the month) – so we had a little celebration while Dave and I and the Grandmas were here. I can’t believe my little baby sister is 15 years old!!

Hannah getting into the festivities. ­čÖé

Haylie is overwhelmed by our love.

Saying goodbye to the Grandmas!! Love them!!

Fun times!


Day 55, 56, 57, 58

So, life around here has been filled with the busyness of the ordinary sort. Dave’s been hitting the books hard for all the tests and proficiencies he’s had/will have. I think I’ve been fighting something so I’ve been struggling to find enough energy to do the normal tasks of going to work, cleaning, making dinner, etc. Hence the reason there have been no posts as of late – nothing interesting to report and too tired to find something.

But, we’re alive and well – don’t worry. Here’s a picture for each of the missing days…

On Friday I went to the library (I love the library)… I only got a couple books…. ­čÖé

Some books on cooking, gardening, a few novels and a handful of books to read on teaching preschoolers as I prepare for next school year. Ahhh.. I love books.

One book I’m particularly excited to read is this one. It’s written by my BFF Alton Brown. ­čÖé He is my favorite Food Network chef because he doesn’t just teach you how to follow a recipe, he teaches you how to cook. And that’s what this book is all about. Well, it’s actually about baking (he has another one on cooking that I can’t wait to get my hands on). I really want to learn the “why?” behind cooking/baking so I’m super excited about this book. Alton is awesome.

This next picture is not for the faint of heart. Dave regularly plays basketball with some of his friends from school and today he took me with so I could play too. While I schooled the boys, he was sitting on the side with this little beauty. About halfway through the game someone elbowed him as he went up for a shot and split his skin above his eye. We patched it up the best we could, but it is in a difficult spot. Needless to say, Dave’s not too stoked about his battle scar.

But I am stoked about this “sweet” deal I got at CVS when we went to get butterfly strips for Dave’s eye. 90% off the last of the Valentines candy – just in time to refill our depleted stash for youth group! I paid a whopping $0.56 for four bags of goodies! Awesome.

Well, that’s about it for us. I better be off.


Day 46.

Not me.

I would NEVER put my mesh frying cover things in the drawer under the oven when reorganizing my kitchen. And I would certainly never ever think to myself, “good job self, that is a handy place to put those.” Of course I knew that was the broiler, and not a drawer, and I totally saw the sign hiding under the, duh, broiler pans.

I did NOT forget that those darn things had plastic handles and I┬ádefinitely did not suffer through several uses of my oven with a nasty burnt smell in the air, thinking that it was just that something had dropped to the bottom of the oven. I did not come home one day to an astonished husband and these in the sink, handles completely melted off…

And these… in the snow… covered in melted plastic.

I would NEVER do something crazy like that!

I would also never in a million years search high and low in my refrigerator for my (large) jar of garlic. And I would definitely not  spend over 30 minutes moving every single thing to see if it was hiding behind something. And, of course, I would NEVER call my mother to complain that my almost full jar of garlic was no where to be found. I would not do something silly like looking in my cupboards and under the sink for a jar of garlic that belongs in the fridge. And I would NEVER EVER blame my husband for the missing garlic.

And I would never slump into a heap of despair in front of my open fridge, ready to take out every single item as a last ditch effort.

No, I would never do that. Not me. Of course I knew that the garlic was sitting in plain view on the top shelf right in front of my face.

Not me. I’m much smarter than that.


This post is linked to “Not me Monday”

Day 31.

Today was a great day. For the first time all week I actually had energy. I hadn’t realized how tired my cold was making me until I wasn’t tired anymore!

After youth group and church, we came home, ate some leftover enchiladas, talked about our budget (yuck!), and then Dave left for school to practice some different eye doctor-y things.

While he was gone… I spent the afternoon cleaning up, putting things back in order after being tired all week, and did the thing I’ve been putting off for quite some time…. organizing the desk area in our bedroom. After moving the desk from the dining room to there (which was a mess), it has just been┬áaccumulating┬á“stuff”…. I attempted to organize it a few weeks back but never finished, which ended up just adding to the mess…

So, with my music blasting and armed with my snack of prunes and sunflower seeds (yum!).. I set to work…

A few hours later….

Much better, with a few piles of papers for Dave to go through on the desk and some school stuff in the corner that needs to be gone through. Plus, my sewing table is on the other side of the room (not pictured) and it needs some serious organizing. We are also on the look out for a cheap bookshelf for all Dave’s school books and binders.

Whew! A livable bedroom, not bad for an afternoon’s work.


Day 16

Did I say only one picture for every day? Well, I might have to break that rule from time to time…

Poor Dave, today we finally started the project we’d been putting off – organizing his last semester’s school paperwork. Sadly, it wouldn’t all fit in the GIANT 4 inch binder I got him, so some of it had to go in a 2 inch binder as well! (Over) 6 inches of paperwork in one semester – definitely don’t envy that! ­čÖé (And, yes, that is our Christmas tree still up in the corner of the picture- haha ­čÖé ).

Today was a good sale day at the grocery store. Here at the Millay house we like our fruits and veggies – ‘nuf said.