I enjoy doing fun things and reading about fun things more than writing about the fun things I’m doing and reading.

So I’ve finally just decided to suck it up and stop this whole picture a day business. As much as I want to finish what I’ve started, it just isn’t working for me. And things that don’t work for me get the boot.

So, I’ll still be around.

Hopefully I’ll be posting something soon.





As you can tell, I’ve pretty much dropped off the face of the earth again.

This time I promise it isn’t my fault! My computer crashed. I know. Sad day.

My life is on that thing.

I guess that’s what I get for “having my life” on a piece of metal and plastic.

I should be getting it back soon – (probably) sans every bit of info i’ve tucked away on it.

Oh well, this is only the third time that computer has crashed on me… I should be used to it by now.


I’ll have picture-y goodness for anyone who cares in a few days.

Until then,

Liz (the virus attractor)