Rocky Mountains!

Hello there! It has been a little while. That would be because we’ve been quite busy lately. A few weekends ago was Dave’s sister’s wedding, so we spend the extended weekend away in Ohio. We came back for a few days and then it was off again.. this time to Colorado for 5 days to celebrate the wedding of one of Dave’s good friend’s from college. We stayed in Denver for a few days and then headed off to the mountains (Estes Park).

I think pictures show our trip the best.. so here you are (and if you think this is a lot of pictures, just keep in mind I picked out the best from over 500 pictures).

First are the flowers… I love pictures of flowers. We both do. We have been collecting pictures of flowers so we can use some of the good ones as decorations for the duplex we are moving to soon.

This place had the awesome-ist toasted almond ice cream… that was a good welcome to Denver. 🙂

Boys at the bachelor party. They went up to Boulder for some “top secret” and/or dangerous lakeside activities… 🙂

The reservoir they went to for the bachelor party…

We went to the rehearsal… this is where the wedding was… can you say beautiful!

Between the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner we climbed a small mountain. We couldn’t figure out how to get to the very top, as it was all boulders, but we got pretty far…

Dave climbing…

This is how far we made it up this one….

That night was the rehearsal dinner. These are our good friends Anthony and Rachel. They were the first from Dave’s group of friends to get married… sadly we don’t get to see them often enough!

The guys got frisbees as part of their wedding party gifts… so some Ultimate was in order…


I took my feet a walkin’ and went exploring a little…

Of course the boys had to get in a power stance before the night was over…

Random cool picture I like…

Some of the boys at the wedding…

I realized later I have no pictures of the actual wedding.. ah well.


Sam and I.. waiting for the receiving line..

Group shot after breakfast Monday morning, before Anthony and Rachel left to go home.

The last thing we (Dave, Sam and I) did before we headed back to Denver to catch our plane home was go for a 1/2 day hike in the mountains. Sadly, we didn’t have enough time to make it to the very top of Flat Top Mountain… but we got pretty darn close. It was really awesome and we both hope to be able to visit the Rockies again some day!

My awesome little brothers are visiting us right now (yes I know.. that is 5 people and a dog in our tiny apartment, but ah well) for this past week and the next… so hopefully I’ll get some pictures of that up at some point. We are heading out tomorrow to go visit Dave’s grandma and go camping on her property for the weekend- we are all looking forward to it! 🙂

Adios for now!

-Liz (and Dave)



Our day began with a great start… finishing going through all Dave’s papers, shredding a ton (seriously… we packed a trash bag full of paper shreds) and putting the rest in binders (school papers – rah rah!). Okay, okay, it wasn’t that bad. 😉 Dave did make me breakfast. 🙂

Anyways… we finished that “fun stuff” as soon as we could, so that we could go and do something that was actually fun. We were going to go to McCormick Creek State Park, but decided to save that until next weekend, seeing as it would probably be busy with it being memorial day and all. So, instead we decided to explore a place we recently learned of that is near where we live – Griffey Lake Nature Preserve….

This is the second hike Calvin’s been on and he LOVES it. This dog was born to be in the great outdoors!

The area of Griffey Lake we went to was a little more off the beaten path, the trail didn’t go to far until it veered away from the lake and became a bit unclear… so we didn’t go too far, we just turned around and meandered back, enjoying the pretty scenery.


This one you will have to click on to get a real good view… there were some people out on the lake kayaking and canoeing – something that we think would be fun to do some day.

Yeah, we’re just chillin’…

Ain’t he handsome?! He is getting so big already!

After a nice hike… we had one pooped pup. 🙂

All in all.. a fun day.

Here’s to one great year of marriage… and many many more to come!!


Anniversary Weekend – Saturday and Sunday


Working in the garden (pictures coming!)

Sahara Mart (obsession).

First time making Indian food.

Way too spicy!



Dinner with small group (pictures taken by another member of the group – wish I had those skills!).

Thai food.

Not spicy.


Baby and little kids.



Anniversary Weekend – Friday night

Wow. Hard to believe its already almost been a year.

Monday is mine and Dave’s 1st anniversary. So of course we’ve decided to make it a weekend affair. Nothing fancy – just spending time together.

Right now we are off to use up one of the restaurant gift certificates I got from one of my preschool students at the end of the year. Then we will head over to water the garden and then come back home and I’ll give Dave a haircut. Maybe if we’re feeling especially crazy we’ll watch a movie. 🙂

Thats all for now,


Days 105-125!

Hello! I’m back! I know – I’m sure you all were quite worried. 🙂

I’ve had my computer back for almost a week now – I’ve just been insanely busy.

I’m still insanely busy – I’m just choosing to ignore that fact right now. 🙂

Here’s some pictures I took during these past days of computer rebellion

This picture marks the monumental day where I actually had dinner ready BEFORE our guests got here. Never happened before. Seriously.

I finally cleared off my sewing table. I have no clue why this picture is so blurry.

My stash of “sewing material” – aka old t-shirts and thrift store finds.

Inspired by New Dress a Day (seriously, check it out!)… I made my first sewing project in like a year (and only the second one I’ve ever completed)… This was a skirt that was super comfy – but hung weird (I think it was the pleats/t-shirt material combo).

Cut, cut, snip, snip = jammie shorts! 🙂

Okay, so they aren’t perfect – but I’m just a beginner! At least they are comfy! 🙂

April 24th marked a monumental occasion – my birthday! 🙂 aka the best day ever! I woke to Dave making me breakfast (which included this delicious, and fancy, strawberry orange juice), we went to the farmers market to buy some plants for the garden, I bought a new swim suit for work, Dave bought us Avatar, we went out to dinner to FARMbloomington (can you say “best hummus ever!”?), got rained on, and ended the day nice and cozy watching Avatar. Ahhh birthdays…  oh, did I mention we also decided to get a PUPPY?! Oh, don’t worry… there will be pictures galore. 🙂

My first attempt at a “Thai-ish” type meal. Peanut ginger stir fry. It was delish.

The beautiful time line I made for youth group. They might not think it is all that stellar – but at least I finally understand the order of events from the Division of the Kingdom to the 430 years of silence!  And this picture is kinda weird because I’m too impatient to use the panoramic setting on our camera. Oh, and my feet are in there twice.. whoops.

Cool bug that was on our porch the other day. He didn’t seem to care that I was shoving a camera in his face.

And, lastly, the beautiful-ness that was last night’s dinner. My first time making it. Thin crust pizza with a garlic and basil butter sauce, topped with spinach, tomatoes, feta, and mozzarella cheese. Heavenly. This new pizza crust is amazing (and amazingly easy).

Well, that’s it for now. I took more pictures – but they were of our garden.. which will be getting its own separate post soon.

I hope to post tomorrow – but I have a lovely 12 hour workday. So, we’ll see.



Day 85.

So tonight I think I reached a new level of culinary amazingness. Well, at least my husband thinks so…

I stumbled upon this food blog When I came upon this recipe… I just knew I had to try it.

I have this obsession with making as many things as possible from scratch. Especially things that you normally wouldn’t think of making from scratch. A few things I have made are: tortillas, yogurt, pita bread, salad dressing, and others. So, with how the writer talked about this recipe, I thought it would be super fun to try it. Especially because of this…

Homemade ricotta cheese?! How awesome is that?

Well, the recipe sat in my “recipes to try” folder for a couple weeks before I finally found the right time to try it – today.

Oh boy – it was good.

Here is the ricotta. Making it was almost too easy. Mix together milk, heavy cream, buttermilk, and salt. Bring to a gentle boil. As soon as the curds separate from the whey, pour it into a cheese cloth lined strainer. Booyah.

Here is the homemade pasta sauce – surprisingly my first time making that too. It was really easy as well – the only thing I would change is that I didn’t really like the tomato skins in the crushed tomatoes.

Since this recipe was so interesting, I decided to go all out, using even the fresh herbs it called for (instead of dried). I was about to get a pack of basil (for the sauce), when I turned around and saw this little guy for just a dollar more. I’ve been meaning to start an herb garden anyway – so I quickly scooped it up! And, boy, it smells GOOD!

Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of  making the noodle. The manicotti noodle is actually a “noodle crepe” – not the pasta tube you normally see. Since I had made crepes before, I thought I would be able to do this as well. It was a little more difficult than regular crepes – but I think by the end I had the hang of it. I whipped together the ricotta cheese mixture, spread it on the manicotti, rolled it up, and put it in the pan with the sauce.

After a short bake time… we enjoyed the fruit of my labor. (I had also taken out the last of my 5 Minute Bread dough, so we had fresh bread too!).

Out of all my meals, I think this one got the best response from Dave. The ricotta cheese really put it over the edge. It was so creamy and so delicious. Dave was on the phone half of dinner telling the world how amazing the food was. 🙂

Anyway, long story short, the work was well worth it and I’ll definitely be making this again!


Day 78.

Yesterday we made the last of our Spring Break travels (we stopped at Dave’s parents Thursday-Friday) and went to Dave’s grandma’s house. It was a short, but great time. This afternoon, before heading home, we stopped at the cafe she works at. It was super cute and had very yummy food!

Isn’t that just cute and fun?

This was a really nifty clock that was on the wall.

This is the super cute teapot (I love teapots) Dave’s grandma gave me (from the gift shop area of the cafe). Love it! Although every time I look at it I want to eat some blueberries.. yum.

And there we are!!! 🙂

Seeing as Dave’s grandma only lives an hour away from us, its sad we don’t get out to visit more often! We are hoping to head out for Easter weekend, so we’ll see if that works out.


PS if you haven’t read my last post about Chloe’s Closet – please do!!